Monday, August 22, 2011

Day Thirty-four

I spent nearly all of today in the Physics Assistance Center (PAC), because its more comfortable than the lab and there are knowledgeable people constantly on hand. Most of my day was spent finishing up my presentation: changing pictures, fixing citations, formatting, etc. Once it was done I went through a practice run with Marc, and changed my speaker notes and some details according to his suggestions. I'm definitely glad that there is more practice before the final presentation; presenting is not my favorite activity. Soon after that I showed my power point to Joe for approval and then added a couple more slides.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day Thirty-three

This morning I blogged, did some reading for my presentation, and asked Marc questions when I got confused. At one an astrophysics research meeting occurred. Dr. Jake wasn't there, which was unfortunate because in discussing the best approach for the brightness plots his input would have been helpful. Dr. O'Dea suggested a new way to calculate the errors, however.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day Thirty-two

This morning I came in and went through the code, blogged, checked email, etc. Once Preeti got in she and I discussed the brightness plot errors and my presentation. Dr O'Dea happened to walk by while we were near his office, so I was able to borrow his notebook to photocopy some equations I need to check the code against. I then went back to the lab and sent Preeti the slopes from linfit. These were incorrect however, since both x and y needed to have log added, so I fixed that and sent a new message to Preeti. I also stopped by the physics lounge to ask Marc some questions about jets and whatnot.

After the five o'clock meeting Emily and I went to the Insight Lab wing night at Buffalo Wild Wings, which was good.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day Thirty-one

I drove myself to work this morning, where I was pleased to find doughnuts for the second day in a row-- courtesy of Bob this time. Following the intern meeting I read through the code for a while, making sure I understood the surface brightness profile plot completely. I went to Preeti's office and asked her some questions around eleven, and then went to coffee time. Once we got back I had time for only a few modifications before it was time for lunch in the form of free pizza at the last Wenedsday entrepreneurship movie. The movie was somewhat interesting. After lunch I added the error bars to the plot and sent a few examples to Preeti to see if they looked okay. I then read about AGN's in the textbooks Marc brought in.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day Thirty

Ed brought in doughnuts this morning! Following an intern-run intern meeting (since Bob and Joe were both out) I finished adjusting the scales on the plots and emailed Preeti to let her know. I also kept trying to make adjustments for the jet that is too long for the program and blogged for yesterday.

Once my preparations for my afternoon meeting were complete I helped Kelsey and Halle glue cut-up mouse pads to the bottom of Nadya's Polynomial Texture Mapping device. This was particularly entertaining because the adhesive was an aerosol and kind of went everywhere. I would therefore reccomend caution to anyone sitting outside near the CIS building.

At three o'clock I met with Preeti and Dr. O'Dea to discuss the plots. Dr. O'Dea explained that the errors on the jet width plots are still odd, and that because the widths appear to be smaller than the beam size, they are not deconvolved and the plots details are untrustworthy. Because of this it cannot accurately be established whether or not the jets are expanding. The Jet Surface Brightness versus Jet Width plot is therefore also untrustworthy. Therefore the paper will just state that jet expansion or lack thereof could not be verified using these images. Preeti is now having me add error bars and a linfit to the surface brightness profile plot, to gather more information there. I also need to check the units on that plot.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day Twenty-nine

This morning I came in a bit late because of my road test (which I passed!). Upon checking my email I found an email from Preeti requesting changes that Dr. O'Dea suggested be made. After working on those a little I went down to her office for clarification on some things. My new tasks seemed easy enough, but as usual complications caused them to take far longer than expected. Part of what I'm doing is changing the x-scale on one of the plots, but because it is a contour plot this is apparently all but impossible. I intend to finish these tomorrow morning though, so Preeti and I can meet with Dr. O'Dea in the afternoon. Dr. O'Dea actually makes me rather nervous, since he comes across as very intelligent and has pointed out many of the errors/problems I've had to deal with so far. Hopefully these plots will finally be what he and Preeti need.

In the midst of this Bethany came by the Insight Lab with a potential Imaging Science student, so Emily, Jason, Matt, and I described our projects for this summer. We then went with the other interns, Bethany, and the prospective student and her family to Crossroads, where we got free lunch.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Day Twenty-eight

Today wins the award for busiest day thus far. I got in early to blog for yesterday and do some reading for my presentation. After the intern meeting I went over to the undergraduate research symposium with Emily. We listened to presentations on everything from the astronomy and education research some people in the Insight lab conducted to a presentation on how ant behavior can be used in optimization and applied to image processing (that one was really cool).

Lunch was included in the symposium and consisted of a variety of Asian dishes. After eating, instead of listening to the keynote speaker, Marc took Alex and I on a tour of building 8.

A gigantic slide rule.

View of the floor from the third floor.

An alternative version of the traditional RIT map. Watch our for Larp Land.

Sign on the supercomputer's room's door.

(Part of) RIT's supercomputer.

We returned for some more astronomy talks and then hurried over to see posters in the Innovation Center. One discussed goldfish training...

At around three several of the other interns and I headed up to the roof to watch the airplane that was doing a remote sensing collect fly over. Liz and I actually got to take measurements for the experiment, recording temperatures of different water.

The very end of the day brought an email from Dr. O'Dea with feedback on the plots. Now new alterations must be made on Monday. I need to work more on my presentation as well... lots to do!