Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day Twetny-five

Today I came in early, blogged, and started working through an email of suggestions Preeti sent to resolve the error problems. After the intern meeting I finished going through the suggestions, which took a surprisingly long amount of time. Because using certain keywords had bizarre effects on the plots I looked into what was causing what. Some emailing back and forth with Preeti led to plots using the standard deviation error from the gaussians fit to each slice of the jet for the error bars. One input, MEASURE_ERRORS proved to be what caused the weird looking plots. Once set as a small enough number, however, it stopped causing problems. At a meeting at 3:30 it was decided that sigma, the background noise calculated for each image, should be used for that value. After the meeting Marc showed me examples of how to comment code until Preeti came up to have me make a few changes to the plots. At the end of the day she had me send her a group of plots for each of several of the jets to review and discuss with others. Apparently this is nearly complete; now only the slope of a certain plot is needed. That's my goal for tomorrow...

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