Monday, August 8, 2011

Day Twenty-four

I had to reorient myself with my project this morning; after a week away I needed to go back through and remember what I was thinking last Friday. I spent the morning getting the error bars working on the plot and trying to figure out why the errors are so small. That's right- the plots claim to be so right that they have to be wrong. Unfortunately it ends up that I overlooked the right error retrieval keyword, which I found out when Preeti stopped by after lunch and Chris piped in with a suggestion. Preeti also had me change how the error is plotted over the jet width plot and asked for some changes for the sake of aesthetics.

During another meeting in the afternoon I was told that a plot of the jet brightness should be added, and that jets that have a bend should be rotated and measured in two steps. Since the code for the additional plot is already in the program it should be easy to add. The biggest issues will probably be formatting. Double rotations pieced together are a bit more confusing though.

Jake is back! He attended the five o'clock meeting and looked over my most recent plots.

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