Friday, August 12, 2011

Day Twenty-seven

Today featured our last field trip for the summer, to Melles Griot. Although Melles Griot has different specialties, the tour reminded me a lot of Rochester Precision Optics. Our tour guide spoke very quietly and quickly but the tour was otherwise very interesting. After the tour we had lunch at Pelligrino's.

Before and after the trip I spent my time researching background knowledge for my presentation (so I can answer questions, hopefully), working on my presentation plan, blogging, and cleaning a few things up in the code. Until Preeti gets back to me with news about whatever feedback she receives I have nothing I actually have to do with the code, which is cool. I tried to implement a second rotation for one of the jets to account for a bend in its structure, but this is more complicated than I anticipated, so I'm still thinking about alterations needed for that to function properly.

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