Monday, August 15, 2011

Day Twenty-nine

This morning I came in a bit late because of my road test (which I passed!). Upon checking my email I found an email from Preeti requesting changes that Dr. O'Dea suggested be made. After working on those a little I went down to her office for clarification on some things. My new tasks seemed easy enough, but as usual complications caused them to take far longer than expected. Part of what I'm doing is changing the x-scale on one of the plots, but because it is a contour plot this is apparently all but impossible. I intend to finish these tomorrow morning though, so Preeti and I can meet with Dr. O'Dea in the afternoon. Dr. O'Dea actually makes me rather nervous, since he comes across as very intelligent and has pointed out many of the errors/problems I've had to deal with so far. Hopefully these plots will finally be what he and Preeti need.

In the midst of this Bethany came by the Insight Lab with a potential Imaging Science student, so Emily, Jason, Matt, and I described our projects for this summer. We then went with the other interns, Bethany, and the prospective student and her family to Crossroads, where we got free lunch.

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