Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day Twenty-six

I started today by brainstorming for my presentation and getting its preliminary organization laid out. It seems like a lot will need to be background information, but I'll figure out a balance as I put it together more. After the intern meeting I blogged and started commenting the code. Next I got linfit working and ran a sanity check to make sure some of the weirder plots were still getting appropriate slopes calculated.

Preeti circulated the plots I sent her yesterday to get input from others, and mentioned the potential need for a different plot, so I am waiting to hear more about that.

Lunch today was the College of Science Summer Undergraduate Researchers picnic, which was nice.

I also changed the plots to stop neatly as opposed to trailing off at the ends, which was pretty quick. There are only a few details I need to ask Preeti about. For the remainder of the afternoon I read about galaxies in a really reader-friendly textbook that Marc brought in, and looked through a paper that is relevant to the one I am doing work for.

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