Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day Thirty

Ed brought in doughnuts this morning! Following an intern-run intern meeting (since Bob and Joe were both out) I finished adjusting the scales on the plots and emailed Preeti to let her know. I also kept trying to make adjustments for the jet that is too long for the program and blogged for yesterday.

Once my preparations for my afternoon meeting were complete I helped Kelsey and Halle glue cut-up mouse pads to the bottom of Nadya's Polynomial Texture Mapping device. This was particularly entertaining because the adhesive was an aerosol and kind of went everywhere. I would therefore reccomend caution to anyone sitting outside near the CIS building.

At three o'clock I met with Preeti and Dr. O'Dea to discuss the plots. Dr. O'Dea explained that the errors on the jet width plots are still odd, and that because the widths appear to be smaller than the beam size, they are not deconvolved and the plots details are untrustworthy. Because of this it cannot accurately be established whether or not the jets are expanding. The Jet Surface Brightness versus Jet Width plot is therefore also untrustworthy. Therefore the paper will just state that jet expansion or lack thereof could not be verified using these images. Preeti is now having me add error bars and a linfit to the surface brightness profile plot, to gather more information there. I also need to check the units on that plot.

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