Friday, July 29, 2011

Day Eighteen

Today was a good day.

I came in at seven and blogged, then traced the error with the if loop even further back, all the way to 'factor', a variable that I put in a value for. Making this number larger led to this:

See those itty bitty bumps on the bottom plot? Those are what I've
been working towards for the past three and a half weeks.

This morning after the intern meeting it was the Insight Lab's turn to be visited by all the interns. I showed everyone the very exciting bumps that I plot (I think they're exciting at least), and Emily explained what she does as well. After that I got the code to write the plots as files correctly and printed out a few examples to show Preeti and everyone at the astronomy meeting.

Despite the fact that it was pouring at eleven we went to coffee time, and got drenched on the way. Emily, Matt, and I realised that none of us had enough money to buy anything on our own, so we pooled our change and shared a delicous chocolate cookie. We wanted to get milk too, but we were a quarter short of the two dollars so we played the trivia game to try and get half off. The girl at the counter either thought we were funny or found us to be really pathetic, so she gave us two guesses and we got our milk.

Soon after coffee time it was time for the cookout. I took pictures this week....
Happy food!

Reflective window...

Ed looks really cheerful.

Gnome bowling. Matt was confused.
After the cookout I had the astronomy meeting at one. The plots were aknowledged as "progress", and I was given more suggestions/instructions. After the meeting I changed the y-scale so that the graph is easier to read and fixed another input that was making the graphs look odd. Then Preeti came by and we tried adding the error bars. Right after she left I got Jake's attention for a moment and he explained that an array is needed, and I felt silly for not thinking of that. I can't get an array to work yet, because it gets confusing with so many nested if loops and whatnot, but a few hours of working on my own when I get back (or thitry seconds from Jake) will probably clear that up. The errors I did get were seemingly infintesimal, so either they were wrong, which is likely, or the error won't show up on the graph.

I will be out for all of next week, so I'm glad some things worked before I left.

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