Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day Sixteen

Today I came in slightly after seven (gah) and started taking points manually along the axis of each jet. This was broken up by the intern meeting, to which Bob brought doughnuts. Thanks Bob! As part of the meeting we visited the space weather lab. I had never gone down there before and was a little confused about what Halle and Matt were doing with their calculations, so it was nice to get a full explanation. I just hope the storm they're going to predict and watch won't occur next week while I am away, because I want to see it.

After the meeting I finished taking points and put them into the code. I then modified the code so that all of the jets are rotated to face right, instead of whichever direction (left or right) is closest. Next I made a version of the program that omitted the unnecessary plots and their corresponding calculations, using the VLA data as Preeti suggested so I could see changes. Once that looked good I tried using the VLBA data. One of the files ran all the way through, but the FWHM plot (the one that all of this effort is for) didn't work. This is probably due to the same issue that is blocking all the other files, though, so that is what I intend to investigate tomorrow.

Somewhere in the midst of all that I attended the Wednesday movie and had free pizza. This week's movie was called 'Presentation Zen' and explained an alternative approach to presentations. It contained some interesting ideas, hopefully I can apply some of them to my own presentation at the end of this internship.

Near the end of the day I tried making an example ps file to send to Jake, since I need to give him an update. For some reason the filepath wasn't recognized though. I still need to email him and figure out that issue.

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