Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day Seventeen-- Aha.

This morning I came in around seven again and spent my time before the meeting blogging and emailing Jake and Preeti. I felt rather dumb after emailing Jake though, since I realised that he's currently coming back to the US, so he probably won't see my email until he comes into work tomorrow and I can see him myself. Oh well.

The intern meeting was in the freshman lab this morning because there was caution tape up all over the building. Punching in and going upstairs has never felt so daring and dangerous! Anyway, after the meeting I worked on getting the code to work. By eleven I had all the files running through the entire program, but the FWHM plot didn't work on any of them.

I took lunch with Kelsey and Emily. I don't know where the other interns were, but we went to the giant steps in global village, which work very well as a picnic location. Back in the lab I traced the problem backwards in the code and found that the deconvolution section can't work because the images are not being cropped properly. At about this point Preeti came by to check in on my work, and she helped me troubleshoot for half an hour, until she had to meet with Chris. As she was meeting with him I got the cropping and rotating to work (yay!), so the first two plots look better. There was still a problem somewhere though, which is causing numerous subsequent problems. I traced this problem back to  a nested if loop. The problem? 'sigma is not larger than sigma_beam'

Unfortunately I am not 100% sure what this means or how badly I would screw things up by messing with those numbers. I was going to skip the talk at four to look into it, but Marc ran up and reminded us that the speaker was Stefi, so I went down and listened. Her talk discussed the definition of images, how imaging happens, and the history of imaging. I thought it was really interesting (and actually ended up talking about it later in the evening in a conversation about refrigerant and the ozone layer- go figure).

I thought about staying late, since Jake will be in tomorrow, I will be gone next week, and Preeti mentioned today wanting the code to work tomorrow (yikes). I decided just to come in early again tomorrow though.

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