Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Ten-- Hmmm

This morning I completely forgot that I was supposed to bring apple juice in-- we had decided to have a breakfast thing and people had volunteered to bring things. Oops. Next week I'll remember. After the intern meeting I went up to the lab. The fits files still wouldn't open and I went to find Stefi, who advised completely deleting the files and then re-downloading them, possibly in a different location. Chris also had an idea which ended up solving the problem. Because the files came zipped in the email Preeti sent, the file path needed to be changed in the program.

Once the files were reading I could where the program was encountering other errors again, so I started looking into those. I also emailed Preeti to see if she had other code for me to use. She had sent a file in an earlier email which contained plots like the ones she needs, and I was hoping that she had used IDL for those and had kept the program. No such luck though. She did talk to me about manipulating the code though, which was somewhat helpful. To be honest, I understand what needs doing and how it should be done; IDL is just so confusing. In the program I am working with I'm not always sure why certain things are set as they are, but its hard to tell what was set as an ambiguous number and what was set specifically. This makes it hard to know what can change without messing everything up.

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