Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day Two

This morning Dr. Jake went over the categories to choose from for intern projects, which included science education technology development (like the scube, 3D image projection, and interactive learning), educational program evaluation, and astrophysics research. I decided to work on astrophysics research and focus on radio galaxies with active galactic nuclei (AGN). To prepare for this work I spent the day working on IDL tutorials so I will be able to process data and researching AGN for background knowledge. It was challenging because I haven't really programmed before and my astronomy background is very limited, but I made progress and everything was interesting. Tomorrow I will receive more information concerning the specifics of what I will do for my project.

Today also included my first "coffee break"-- I opted for a smoothie. Apparently everyone in the Insight lab goes to Java's at eleven every morning, which makes me happy because I am beginning to realise that eight hours is rather long.

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