Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day Fifteen

I spent the majority of this morning trying to get the VLBA data to work in the IDL program. I also printed out a few examples of the new plot that I added to the code using the old VLA data so I could show Preeti at the 12:30 meeting.

The meeting was very helpful. Preeti was pleased to see the new plot (for a moment she thought it was the VLBA data, and was really excited), and asked me to add error bars to the plot, so I'll need to figure that out at some point. Someone also suggested that for some of the sections where the code has trouble automatically finding the correct values from the image that I insert them manually.

One of the jets, displayed using ds9. I am manually taking some coordinates
 along the axis of the jet so the program will rotate the jet properly.

After the meeting Chris worked with me for a while to show me how to manually find the points and use them in the code. Before we had it working Preeti stopped by, and she helped us get the images to rotate properly. She also suggested that I make a version of the program that cuts out all of the unneeded code for this project and comment that, in order to simplify troubleshooting and whatnot.

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