Monday, July 25, 2011

Day Fourteen-- Field Trip and Direction

Jake emailed me early this morning, so I had a better sense of direction today. I spent the early morning putting the plot he suggested into the code, and trying it out on the old VLA data. At 10:15 (technically a little after... I was a smidgen late) I went down to the party bus that took all the interns and some of the college student researchers to Rochester Precision Optics. The tour lasted approximately an hour and took us through the different sections of their facility. We saw the different manufacturing methods they use to create lenses as well as their inspection, assembly, and engineering areas. After the tour we went to Pizza Hut for lunch.

Back at work I tried to verify that the new plots display the right thing, which got a little confusing. I also saved some examples created with the VLA data which I sent to Jake so he can provide feedback. Once this was done I continued trying to make the code work with the VLBA data. I tried making the same changes that allowed the other code to work, but there are still problems.

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