Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day Eleven-- A crazy day

Today was rather exciting. I had planned to take the morning off because I had two appointments. However, Dr. Jake just got back from one week long trip and is about to leave for another, and I hoped to get feedback from him about my project when he stopped in for the morning. So I came in for the intern meeting and a nine o'clock astronomy meeting, then went to the first appointment, came back, had to leave for the second appointment, and finally came back and saw him for 90 seconds before he left for England. Madness, but in hindsight rather amusing.

After Dr. Jake left I helped clean the lab, which has been pretty gross until now. Apparently tonight is a family science night here. Chris then spent most of the afternoon helping me with the code. Some problems were fixed (or at least circumvented) and it was nice to see someone else get angry at the code too.

The only other topic of note today was that Chris sent a copy of the code, my modified copy of the code, and an example of what the original code does to Jake, so he can give recommendations.

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