Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day Six

This morning at the intern meeting we (the interns) coordinated who would bring what for the cookout tomorrow. It should be great! Then after about an hour and a half of working on IDL the fire alarm went off, so our lab took our coffee break a little early. After that I worked some more on IDL and went to the library to get books on AGNs and IDL. The library also has the worlds tiniest and most creepy elevator, or at least the tiniest and creepiest I've ever seen. I'm hoping the books will help me with what I'm doing this summer.
At noon a video about entrepreneurship was shown in the fishbowl and free pizza and drinks were provided, which was cool.

Dr. Jake left for a week-long trip this morning and apparently he has another trip right after, so he really won't be around. Luckily there are other people who know what to do. Preeti sent me the actual data for the paper today and Chris sent me different code to work with. Because the computer I have been working on isn't connected to the right things there were some technical difficulties with getting things arranged, resulting in me switching computers and learning how to use the computer's command prompt. I saw the actual images I will be working with for the first time; they look like somewhat unimpressive little blobs at first glance, but Chris says even seemingly undetailed photos hold a lot of information. I also saw results of the code that were created using different data. Now I need to figure out how to use the code with the data for this paper, and hope that this is what Dr. Jake actually wants.

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