Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Seven- And there was much rejoicing

The floor of the Insight lab had work done on it this morning, so Dr. Jake told most of the people who work there not to come in for the morning. Instead we received "paid leave" and got to sleep in. I came in to work a little before noon and went to the intern cookout where we played lawn games and had hot dogs, hamburgers, strawberries, and all sorts of delicious things. I'm glad these will be a weekly event!

After lunch I asked Chris to look at the code I was working with. Some of the functions refused to work, which ended up being because my account isn't accessing the astronomy library that it needs. Chris eventually logged me into his account, since the issue wasn't resolving on mine, and the program actually started working! That is, it started actually telling me where it wasn't working. This allowed me to actually mess around with it and see changes. Now that I know where the problem is, it should be easier (or at least possible) to fix it.

Above: The results of messing with the code. This still isn't right, but 
the fact that pictures showed up is a major improvement. Go graphs! 

At four one of the researchers here, Bob Kremens,  gave a talk called "Wildfire Research: Just Like Astronomy?" It was interesting to learn about what else is being researched in the building. His description of how fire actually burns was especially interesting.

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