Monday, July 11, 2011

Day Four

Today after the intern meeting I started out by reading the paper that I will do work for this summer. Thanks to wiki research and other sites I can understand the general gist of the paper. I also read the second chapter of Dr. Jake's thesis because Chris told me it pertained to the paper. I also read the third chapter and looked up more information on astrophysics. Chris also sent me the code that will help me with my project once I have some actual data. Seeing it kind of worried me because although I can understand pieces of the code, as a whole its rather overwhelming. So I need to work on my IDL skills and remember to ask Chris for clarification on things once I have data.

I've decided that I need a coffee break more at two than at eleven-- this afternoon was very sleepy. Of course, it wouldn't be team building then at two so I would probably have to swipe out...

As a side note, my blog stats tell me that someone is reading this from Germany, which makes me very curious. I wondered if it could be Dr. Jake, since it appeared that he fell of the face of the planet today, but he showed up for the five o'clock meeting so that hypothesis is shot.

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